C15/2000L Aircraft Incident at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on 12 October 2000

On Thursday 12th October 2000 at 08.50 local time (Finnish time is used in this report) at Helsinki-Vantaa airport a commercial aircraft MD-83 registered OH-LMU used by Finnair with call sign FIN841Q was performing takeoff from runway 15. At the same time MD-81 registered OY-KHN commercial aircraft with call sign SK700 used by Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) was at the area between the runway and holding position markings of connecting taxiway YF. Taxi sequence of SK700 was after Fokker 27 with call sign H22 owned by the Air Force, which was taxiing on taxiway Y.

In the commercial aircraft there were 166 passengers and 13 crew members on total. Nobody was injured and the incident caused no damage.

The Accident Investigating Board received the incident report made by commander of FIN841Q on 13th October 2000.

On 13th November 2000 the Accident Investigating Board decided on to perform an investigation by letter C 15/2000. Airline pilot mr Jussi Haila and air traffic controller mr Erkki Kantola were appointed investigators.

The investigation was conducted in accordance with Finnish legislation (Act 373/1985) and the Decree (79/1996), ICAO Annex 13 and Council of European Union Directive 1994/56/EC.

The ground controller gave his statement concerning the incident on 27th November 2000, tower controller on 30th November 2000, first officer of FIN841Q on 30th November 2000 and the commander on 04th December 2000. The commander of SK700 could not recall anything special on their flight in question. The pilots of H22 were interviewed by telephone on 22nd November 2000.

The final draft of this aircraft incident report was sent to the Finnish Flight Safety Author-ity for comments according to ICAO Annex 13 on 20th February 2001. The comments received have been enclosed as appendix.

The investigation was closed on 5th April 2001.

C15/2000L Report (pdf, 0.41 Mt)

Published 12.10.2000