C3/1999L Aircraft Incident in Helsinki TMA on 24 March 1999

On Wednesday 24 March 1999 at 17.21 UTC (all times in this report are UTC times, Finnish local time -2 hours) there was an air traffic incident within Helsinki Terminal Control Area (TMA) near Vihti, in which the required minimum separation between two aircraft was lost.

Finnair DC-9-51, registered OH-LYY, call sign FIN 387, was departing from Helsinki while a Beech 1900 D operated by Air Express i Norrköping AB, registered SE-KXY, call sign GOT 603 was inbound to Helsinki. The aircraft were on intercepting flight paths, approaching each other without the required vertical separation.

The incident was duly reported by the captain of FIN 387 and by the on-the-job instructor who was working at ARR controller position.

The Accident Investigation Board, Finland appointed controller Erkki Rissanen to investigate the incident by decision no. C 3/1999 L.

C3/1999L Report (pdf, 0.13 Mt)

Published 24.3.1999