C23/1999L Incident at Vaasa airport, Finland, on 15 December 1999

A flight safety incident occurred at Vaasa airport on 15 December 1999 at 19.20 local time (17.20 UTC, Universal Co-ordinated Time), when an aircraft of type Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante, owned by Reguljair Ltd, registered LN-TDY, call sign REF901, taxied to runway 34 at the same time when a Hawk advanced jet trainer operated by the Finnish Air Force, registered HW-334, call sign H30, was making a touch-and-go landing on runway 16. The Hawk passed the E110 at a height of about 50 meters after the touch-and-go landing. Neither pilot saw each other’s aircraft because of darkness and occasional ground fog.

The air traffic controller on duty in Vaasa tower and the Hawk pilot reported the incident to CAA Finland, Flight Safety Authority, as required by Aviation Regulation GEN M1-4.

The Accident Investigation Board (AIB), Finland, decided to commence an investigation (C 23/1999 L) on 29 December 1999. Flight instructor Pekka Raine was appointed to investigate the incident. In addition, air traffic controller Ari Huhtala assisted in the examination of air traffic control operations.

The investigation report was sent for comments to the Air Navigation Services department of the Finnish Civil Aviation Administration, Finnish Air Force, and the Swedish accident investigation authority (Statens Haverikommission). The comments received have been taken into account in the report. The statement of the Air Navigation Services department is annexed. Statens Haverikommission also reported that Reguljair Ab had gone into liquidation and ceased operations.

The investigation was closed on 13 March 2001.

C23/1999L Report (pdf, 0.11 Mt)

Published 15.12.1999