C22/1999L Aircraft Incident During Approach to Lappeenranta, Finland, on 29 November 1999

On Monday 29 November 1999 at 08.04 local time (local times, UTC +2 hours, are used in this report except for weather reports) an aircraft incident occurred at Lappeenranta during final approach to runway 24, in which the aircraft OH-FAE had to make an avoiding manoeuvre to prevent collision with a chimney. The aircraft in question is a Saab 340A with 34 seats, owned by Finnair Oyj and operated by Golden Air Flyg Ab (abbreviation GA used in this report). There were three crewmembers and 23 passengers on board on flight number DC610.

The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) was removed from the aircraft in Helsinki in the afternoon of 29 November 1999. Its data was read out by Finnair Oyj and the data was available for the Accident Investigation Board, Finland on 2 December 1999. The board commenced an investigation (C 22/1999 L) on 3 December 1999. Airline pilot (ret.) Mr Lars Westermarck and student of technology Mr Manu Skyttä were appointed to investigate the incident.

The investigation was based on Finnish legislation, ICAO Annex 13 and the Council of European Union Directive 1994/56/EC.

The commander filed an air traffic incident report to the Civil Aviation Administration, Sweden on 29 November at 13.00. The air traffic controller on duty in Lappeenranta tower at the time of the incident filed the report according to Finnish aviation regulation GEN M1-4 to the Finnish Civil Aviation Administration, Flight Safety Authority on 29 November at 13.08. Accident Investigation Board, Finland was notified of the incident on 29 November at 13.12.

The commander was interviewed by the investigators on 10 December and the co-pilot on 13 December 1999.

The draft of this investigation report was sent for comments to the Finnish Flight Safety Authority and Civil Aviation Administration Finland and Sweden on 27 April 2000. The comments received have been taken into account in this final report.

The investigation was closed on 8 June 2000.

C22/1999L Report (pdf, 0.75 Mt)

Published 29.11.1999