C19/1999L Unsuccessful Water Landing of a Lake LA-4-200 “Buccaneer” on Lake Puruvesi on 19 August 1999

On Thursday, 19 August 1999 at about 18.30 hours local time the aircraft a Lake LA-4-200 amphibian, N6187V, was damaged in an unsuccessful water landing on Lake Puruvesi south of Kerimäki. The aircraft swerved violently during touchdown and was severely damaged. The pilot, however, was able to taxi to a nearby shore. The aircraft was owned by Sierra Venture Incorporated (USA) and the pilot was a French citizen. His pilot's license had been issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States. There were two adults and three children on board. There were no injuries.

The Accident Investigation Board, Finland (AIB) was notified of this serious incident by the Air Navigation Services Center for South Finland in accordance with aviation regulation GEN M1-4, dated 24.6.1999. On 20 August 1999, by letter C 19/1999 L, the AIB appointed flight captain Orvokki Kuortti and chief air accident investigator Tero Lybeck (AIB) to investigate the serious incident described above.

Lybeck interviewed the pilot and the local farmer, who had towed the aircraft out of the water, over the phone in the same evening. Police officers from Savonlinna took photographs and a video of the damaged aircraft on the island of Vehkasalo, made a preliminary technical inspection on the aircraft and also blocked off the area until the investigators arrived. On 20 August 1999 police officers interviewed the pilot in Punkaharju. On 23 August 1999 they had a telephone interview with a summer guest, who had been in the area during the landing. On 22 August 1999 Orvokki Kuortti and technical specialist Pertti Lahti investigated the aircraft and interviewed the pilot on Vehkasalo island. On 7 October 1999 the investigators interviewed another summer guest, who had been on Vehkasalo at the time of the incident.

To obtain more detailed information about the incident, the investigators tried to reach the pilot by a letter sent on 8 September 1999 to the address given by him. Furthermore, they tried to telephone the pilot several times between 8 and 12 October 1999 using phone numbers given by him. Unable to contact the pilot, the investigators closed the investigation on 4.4.2000 based on the data available.

C19/1999L Report (pdf, 0.08 Mt)

Published 19.8.1999