C13/1999L Parachuting Accident at Hanko Airfield on 29 June 1999

On Tuesday, 29.6.1999 at 11.25 a.m. a parachuting accident took place at the Hanko airfield. A 30-year-old Swedish skydiver was seriously injured as a result of a steep turn at low altitude (”hook turn”). The accident was reported by phone to senior investigator Esko Lähteenmäki at Accident Investigation Board (AIB) Finland. He requested senior constable Kirsi Kanth, an expert of the Finnish AIB, to start the investigation. She arrived at the accident site at 19.00.

Accident Investigation Board Finland set an official investigation by decision C 13/1999 L and ordered Kirsi Kanth to be the case investigator at her consent.

The case investigator heard the accident skydiver on 6.7.1999 and the on-site witnesses during the day of the accident (29.6.1999) and on 2.7.1999. The investigation was concluded on 13.4.2000.

C13/1999L Report (pdf, 0.05 Mt)

Published 29.6.1999