B2/1996L Aircraft Accident at Oulunsalo, Finland, on 20 December 1994

On Thursday, 20 December 1994 around 16.27 local time there was an aircraft accident near Oulu airport in Oulunsalo, Finland, in which a Beechcraft B 60 aircraft registered N-911SG was destroyed. The aircraft was owned by the American financing company Interlease Aviation Corporation, leased to a German undertaking named Andrea Szymanski-Ehrhardt Fischversand and operated by the German company United Seafood GmbH. The passenger, who was a male German citizen, was instantly killed in the accident. The pilot, who also was a male German citizen, was severely injured and died from his injuries on 30 December 1994. A male German citizen marked as a crew member, who was the general manager of the aircraft operator company, sustained severe injuries.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Administration appointed on 21 December 1994 a commission to investigate the accident in accordance with Aviation Act, section 56, subsection 1. Airline pilot Martin Blomqvist was appointed investigator-in-charge. Lieutenant Silvo Lenkkeri and detective chief constable Esko Hagman from the National Bureau of Investigations, Oulu district, were appointed members of the commission.

After the responsibility for aircraft accident investigation was transferred to the Ministry of Justice by amendment of law on 1 March 1996, the commission was assigned to complete the investigation in accordance with the above mentioned regulation and with the same composition as an Accident Investigation Board set up under the Ministry of Justice.

The investigation report was completed on 30 September 1996. The commission sent the draft of this aircraft accident report to the accident investigation authorities of Germany and USA for comments according to ICAO Annex 13 respectively on 11 and 14 March 1997. Their comments are reflected in the report.

B2/1996L Report (pdf, 1.45 Mt)

Published 20.12.1994