Terrorist attack (stabbings) in Finland, Turku 18 August 2017: An English version of the safety investigation report is complete

Published 27.7.2018

In October 2017, the Finnish Government appointed an independent investigation team referred to in the Safety Investigation Act to investigate the terrorist attack in Turku, Finland on 18 August 2017. The investigation team was tasked with investigating an ‘exceptional’ event in accordance with the Safety Investigation Act. An exceptional event refers to a very serious event that was not an accident and which resulted in death or that threatened or seriously damaged the basic functions of society.

The overall purpose of safety investigation is the promotion of general safety, the prevention of accidents and incidents, and the prevention of losses resulting from accidents. A safety investigation is not conducted in order to allocate legal liability.

An independent investigation team completed the safety investigation of the Turku terrorist attack on 14 June 2018. The investigation team submitted its report to the Finnish Government. The investigation was conducted in accordance with the procedure of the Safety Investigation Authority (SIA), and it examined the course of events, their causes and consequences, rescue actions, and actions taken by other authorities.

The actions of the police, emergency medical services, the Finnish Security Intelligence Service and the Finnish Immigration Service as well as psychosocial support were examined in the investigation among other things. Social media was also examined separately.

Safety investigation report (pdf, 1.65 Mt)Inquiries: Kai Valonen, Head of Investigation Team, tel. + 358 295 150 707, kai.valonen@om.fi