Y2019-01 Decision to investigate fire on 12 april 2019 in levi, kittilä, resulting in the deaths of three people

Based on Section 2 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011), the Safety Investigation Authority has decided to initiate an investigation into the fire in a rental cabin which oc-curred in Levi, Kittilä, on 12 April 2019 and resulted in the deaths of three minors.

Safety Investigator Heikki Harri has been appointed as the Head of the Investigation Team, and Sirkku Laapotti (PhD, Psychology), Jussi Lehtonen (expert in the electricity sector) and Anssi Parviainen (Rescue Director) as members. Chief Safety Investigator Kai Valonen will serve as the Investigator-in-Charge.

Published 2.5.2019