Y2016-04 Decision to initiate an investigation into an accident leading to the death of a reservist in Säkylä on 27 october 2016

The Safety Investigation Authority of Finland will initiate an investigation under Section 2 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011) into an accident that occurred at the Säkylä unit of the Pori brigade on 27 October 2016 and led to the death of a reservist.

In the accident, the reservist was run over by an armoured vehicle in an exercise situation during the rotation training of a crisis management force preparing to leave for Lebanon.

M.Sc.A. Pekka Aho is appointed as the Head of the Investigation Team, and Col. (rtd) Vesa Kangasmäki, Lt Cdr. (rtd) Ari Kurppa and M.Pol.Sc. Sakari Lauriala are appointed as members of the Team. Chief Safety Investigator Kai Valonen will serve as the Investigator-in-Charge.

Published 2.11.2016