R2019-S1 Theme investigation on shunting work accidents and incidents in railway traffic

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland, has decided to initiate a theme investigation on shunting work accidents and incidents in railway traffic on 1 September 2019 under Section 2 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011). Accidents and incidents that occur over a six (6) month period from 1 September 2019 to 29 February 2020.

During the investigation, information is collected and a brief report written according to separate instructions on around 20 cases involving:

  •  collision;
  •  derailment;
  •  passing a signal in the stop position;
  •  wrong routing;
  •  forced open a point;
  •  runaway of wagons; or
  •  other accident or incident occurring during shunting work.

If a serious accident occurs in shunting work during the themed investigation, a separate investigation will be initiated with a separate investigation decision and investigation report. Information obtained during such investigations will also be included in the themed investigation.

Safety Investigator Lasse Laatta has been appointed as the Head of Investigation team, and Jari Auvinen (M.A.), Ilkka Noranta (expert in engine driving), Martti Peräaho (MSc. in Psychology) and Ralf Sandberg (expert in centralised traffic control) have been appointed as members. The Investigator-in-charge is Esko Värttiö, Chief Rail Safety Investigator.

Under Section 24 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011), individual cases are investigated and information is collected also by the following specialists: Mika Hatakka (PhD, Psychology), Reijo Huovinen (site supervisor), Eero Jaakola (M.Sc.Eng), Jussi Kangasmaa (M.Eng), Timo Kivelä (B.Eng), Timo Koli (expert in engine driving), Sirkku Laapotti (PhD, Psychology), Timo Nyholm (paramedic), Petri Pelkonen (Police Sergeant, ret.), Harri Pöysti (investigator), Erkki Rajamäki (Police Superintendent, ret.), Ari Viemerö (Deputy Managing Director), Sakari K. Salo (expert in railway traffic) and Kari Ylönen (Master of Social Sciences).

The Head of Investigation Team will coordinate the investigation and information gathering.

Published 2.10.2019