R2018-01 Derailment of tank wagons at Mäntyharju on 7 april 2018

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland has decided to initiate an investigation, under Section 2 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011), of the collision of tank wagons into a buffer stop at the Kinni station in Mäntyharju on 7 April 2018, and the resulting derailment and chemical leakage.

A total of 50 tank wagons temporarily stored at the Kinni station began moving and crashed into the buffer stop. As a result of the collision, the buffer stop was destroyed and two wagons were derailed. One of the wagons was damaged in the collision, spilling around 35,000 litres of the chemical MTBE onto the ground.

Safety Investigator Lasse Laatta is appointed as the Head of the investigation team and Engine Driver (retired) Ilkka Noranta, Safety Manager (retired) Ari Viemerö, Industrial Fire Marshal (retired) Jari Alanen, Fire Inspector Eero Nyman and Chief Inspector, LL.B, LL.M Jari Kotimäki are appointed as members. The Investigator-in-charge is Esko Värttiö, Chief Rail Safety Investigator.

Published 13.4.2018