R2017-02 Collision of shunting unit with wagons sitting on the track of the Kouvola freight yard 21 September 2017

The Safety Investigation Authority of Finland has decided to initiate an investigation under Section 2 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011) into a collision between a shunting unit and wagons sitting in the Kouvola freight yard on 21 September 2017.

A shunting unit based on a radio-controlled locomotive collided with loaded timber wagons sitting on the track. During the collision, the rear end of the fourth, empty goods wagon mounted the underframe of the container wagon approaching from behind. The central buffer coupling of the goods wagon pierced the tank on the tank container. About 10,000 litres of hydrogen peroxide leaked out. The shunting foreman was injured during the collision.

Safety Investigator Lasse Laatta is appointed as the Head of the investigation team and Police Sergeant (retired) Petri Pelkonen, Traffic Controller (retired) Sakari K Salo and Safety Manager (retired) Ari Viemerö as members of the team. The Investigator-in-charge is Esko Värttiö, Chief Rail Safety Investigator.

Published 10.10.2017