M/S ANNE SIBUM, grounding near Orrengrund April 2, 2008

German owner’s, Cyprus flagged, containership ANNE SIBUM grounded few minutes after leaving the pilot near the Tainio lighthouse spring 2008 (accurate coordinates 60° 14,44’ N; 026° 24,50’ E). The vessel continued her voyage without informing Finnish authorities about the accident. After she arrived in Kiel, Germany, divers investigated the damages of the ship. The German maritime authorities gave the ship a permission to continue her voyage through the Kiel Canal to Bremerhafen, where the cargo was unloaded. After the unloading the ship was docked. The reparation of the bottom platting, propeller and rudder took nearly two months.

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland (later AIBF) got some information about the possible accident in the beginning of July. The ship was visited on 8 July 2008 when she was in the port of Kotka, Finland. That time it became clear that the bottom contact took place on April 2, 2008 at 14:57 (11:57 UTC).

The AIBF has requested information from the flag state concerning the accident event itself and the possible investigation of the accident. Cyprus authorities have not launched an investigation because according to that information they received the consequences of the accident were not serious.

The German Maritime Investigating Authority (BSU) has assisted AIBF during late summer to obtain information from ANNE SIBUM’s Voyage Data Recorder from the shipowner and delivered that information to Finland.

On October 14, 2008 the AIBF decided to launch an investigation concerning the accident. The AIBF’s Special Investigator, Captain Risto Repo was appointed as Chairman of the Investigation Commision and experts of the Accident Investigation Board Juha Sjölund and Jukka Häkämies were appointed as members of the Commission.

If needed, additional information about the investigation will be given by the Chairman of the Commission, captain Risto Repo, mobile +358 40 502 8714.

Published 16.10.2008