M2020-01 Bottom contact and sinking of the Finnish Border Guard patrol boat PV183 in Loviisa on 20 June 2020

Under Section 2 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011), the Safety Investigation Authority has decided to investigate the accident that occurred on 20 June 2020 in Loviisa, where a Finnish Border Guard patrol boat bottomed out and sank. The boat had a three-person crew. One of the crew died, and two were rescued.

Naval officer (ret.) Jani Holmberg has been appointed as the Head of the Investigation Team, and Safety Investigator Hannu Hänninen, Master Mariner Mirva Salokorpi and boat technology expert Janne Syrjänen have been appointed as members. Risto Haimila, Chief Marine Safety Investigator, is the Investigator-in-charge.

Published 25.6.2020