M2013-A1 ms FINNARROW contact with quay in Holyhead 16 February 2013

Decision to participate in the safety investigation carried out by another state.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (UK) has started safety investigation on the contact to quay in Holyhead on 16 February 2013 of the Finnish flagged ro-pax vessel FINNARROW. Based on this the Safety Investigation Agency of Finland (SIAF) has decided not start its own investigation on the case.

Finland as the flag state is a substantially interested state in the safety investigation according to the SOLAS Convention. The SIAF has decided in agreement with MAIB to appoint its investigator captain Risto Repo as the Finnish representative to the investigation.

Additional information:

Martti Heikkilä, Chief Marine Safety Investigator
tel. +358 9 1606 7638 / +358 40 521 9343

Published 20.2.2013