L2017-06 Airliner evacuation due to smoke in the cabin at Turku airport on 3.12.2017

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland decides to initiate a safety investigation according to the section 2 of the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011) into a serious incident which occurred on 3.12.2017. Some smoke appeared in the cabin of an Embraer ERJ 190 -airliner during cruise flight and the pilots decided to land to Turku airport. After landing the smoke grew denser and it was decided that the aircraft had to be evacuated by using evacuation slides. There were no injuries. The flight was operated by Nordic Regional Airlines Oy and it was flown as Finnair Plc flight FIN865.

Mr. Kalle Brusi, M. Sc is appointed as a team leader of investigation group. The members of the investigation group are airline captain Mr. Hannu Halonen, Special Investigator Mr. Heikki Harri and Air Safety Investigator Mrs. Tii-Maria Siitonen. Chief Air Safety Investigator Mr. Ismo Aaltonen is appointed as the investigator in charge.

Published 12.12.2017