L2016-01 Pilot incapacitation during landing at Vampula aerodrome 24.9.2016

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland has decided to initiate a safety investigation according to the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011) into a pilot incapacitation which occurred during landing at Vampula aerodrome. The pilot managed to land, but lost control of aircraft OH-COV during taxi and the aircraft ended up in ditch on the side of a taxiway. The pilot suffered a fatal sudden attack. There were two passengers on board who were not injured.

Mr. Kalle Brusi M. Sc. is appointed as a team leader of investigation group. The members of the investigation group are Mr. Alpo Vuorio docent, D. Med. and Mr. Antti Virtanen, Lic. Med. Chief Air Safety Investigator Mr. Ismo Aaltonen is appointed as the investigator in charge.

Published 3.10.2016