L2014-02 Aircraft accident in Jämijärvi on 20 April 2014

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland has decided to initiate a safety investigation according to the Safety Investigation Act (525/2011) into an accident which occurred in Jämijärvi, Finland
on 20 April 2014. The aircraft involved was Comp Air 8 OH-XDZ.

In the accident 1+10 seated skydivers’ aircraft crashed and burned. Eight persons died and three persons were injured.

Mr. Kari Ylönen is appointed as a team leader of investigation group. The members of the investigation group are Mrs. Tii-Maria Siitonen, Mr. Jaakko Lajunen and Mr. Timo Kostiainen. Chief Air Safety Investigator Mr. Ismo Aaltonen is appointed as the investigator in charge.

The investigation group will be added with a person specialized on skydiving operations.

Published 25.4.2014