C2/2011M MV BIRKA TRANSPORTER (FIN) and FV WILLEMPJE HOEKSTRA – UK33 (NLD), collision off the Netherlands coast on 14 February 2011

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland has decided to initiate an investigation into the collision between the Finnish cargo vessel BIRKA TRANSPORTER and the Netherlands flagged fishing vessel WILLEMPJE HOEKSTRA (UK33). The accident took place off the Netherlands coast on 14 February 2011.

The AIB investigator captain Micael Vuorio was appointed as investigator-in-charge for the case and investigator M.Sc.(Tech) Ville Grönvall and AIB's chief accident investigator Martti Heikkilä were appointed as investigators. The investigation will be carried out in cooperation with the Netherlands accident investigation authorities as agreed later.

Published 23.3.2011