B2/2011M MS AMAZON (BHS) and FV FLORENCE (FIN), collision resulting in foundering of the fishing vessel in Gulf of Finland on 23 October, 2011

The Safety Investigation Authority of Finland has decided after a preliminary examination, to initiate a safety investigation into the collision between Bahamas flagged general cargo vessel AMAZON and Finnish flagged fishing vessel FLORENCE. The fishing vessel sank as result of the collision, but its Estonian crew of four was rescued later. The accident took place in Gulf of Finland on October 23, 2011.

The SIA investigator Ville Grönvall was appointed as investigator-in-charge for the case and investigators Risto Repo, Juha Sjölund and Timo Naskali were appointed as investigators in the team.

The investigation will be carried out in cooperation with the Bahamas and Estonian investigative authorities.

Additional information:

Martti Heikkilä, Chief Marine Safety Investigator
tel. +358 9 1606 7638 / +358 40 521 9343

Risto Repo, Maritime Safety Investigator
tel. +358 9 1606 7817 / +358 40 502 8714

Published 23.10.2011